Welcome to Fortress Financial Services, Inc.
Fortress Financial and its team of professionals provide financial services to the accounting industry, corporations and individuals.

Years ago, it became clear to the founding partners of Fortress Financial that to offer clients the creative solutions and advice they need would require a team effort.

To that end, Fortress Financial, has designed and developed an organization of professionals to assist you in achieving each aspect of your financial goal. We have included as part of our team a wide variety of individuals from all professions, financial and related disciplines to ensure that the most effective plans are designed to maximize returns and minimize costs.

With these highly trained and experienced professionals we are able to integrate all aspects of an individuals' life into one systematic easy-to-understand model. With our straightforward systems, you can work hand in hand with your financial professional to help maximize your wealth.

At Fortress Financial, we seek to create a relationship between our clients and our financial professionals based on trust, understanding, evaluation, investment research, analysis and a creative comprehensive process.

Not everyone's financial dreams are identical. At Fortress Financial we focus on a comprehensive personalized approach.  Risk tolerance, asset evaluation, inheritance, family size, illness, taxes, business status (just to name a few); all contribute to the personalized approach that is unique to each client. Although the goals are important, we look at them only as milestones that are passed each day. The personal financial economics approach we use for clients may remove limits, allowing us to go farther in helping to achieve more on your behalf every day.

Fortress Financial is proud to announce that it has been chosen to be the sole provider of financial services to the National Network for Attorneys

“Investment opportunities come again and again but principal only comes once”
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